New Internationalist magazine offers sharp analysis and in-depth global coverage of today’s most challenging issues. From Syria and migration, to climate change and democracy, we dig that bit deeper to place headline stories in their political, social and economic context.

Our global network of writers brings alternative perspectives. And with more than 40 years at the forefront of independent media, we’ve earned a reputation for intelligent, progressive journalism that gives a human face to the news.

‘Gut wrenchingly brilliant.’ – Yasmin Alibhai-Brown, journalist

‘My congratulations and appreciation to New Internationalist. Always informative and illuminating. A voice for human rights and global justice.’ – Peter Tatchell, political campaigner

‘For decades, New Internationalist has been offering an alternative to the media’s hegemony. It is crucial, now more than ever to support its people-centred and global view.’ – Noam Chomsky, political theorist.

‘As a newcomer to New Internationalist, I have quickly become a fan for life. I love the content; I can’t find other publications like it.’ – Issy Wilson, New Internationalist reader

Amnesty International Media Awards 2012 Winner: ‘Best Content – Consumer Magazines’

Utne Reader Magazine Independent Press Awards 2013 Winner: ‘Best International Coverage’

  • International perspectives
  • In-depth insights
  • Independent journalism
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New Internationalist is a multi-award winning, non-profit media co-operative. For over 40 years, we’ve specialized in investigative reporting on human rights, politics, social and environmental justice.

We invest in independent journalism and publishing because we believe it’s essential to building a better world. We have no media mogul or corporate advertisers influencing what we do. We are totally independent, funded by subscriptions, grants and donations.

All subscriptions include the price of postage.

We deliver to the United Kingdom and internationally

Shipping Times

UK – You will receive the first magazine that is published following your subscription date. As New Internationalist is published every 2 months, there might be a few weeks before you receive your first issue. You will find the publication date of the next issue in your welcome email, along with a link to read the current issue online for free so you can start reading as soon as you sign up.

If you’d prefer not to wait for your paper copy, please email us on [email protected] – we can backdate your subscription and send you the current issue.

International – Please allow approximately 14 days for delivery from when the magazine is mailed.

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Showing all 12 results